Ohm Hourani is on a journey that continually tests his understanding of sound. Alongside his innovative studio work, the Montreal-based artist embraces the relationship between technology and electronic music in the classroom while teaching the intricacies of sound engineering.

 Hourani’s curiosity manifests itself in both live sets and DJ sets that have piqued the curiosity of progressive-minded music enthusiasts and critics alike. Whether weaving culturally significant folkloric music samples into a seamless worldwide journey at Montreal’s renowned MUTEK festival, packing the dance floor at Berlin underground temple Club der Visionaere or spinning alongside the dinosaurs at the Royal Ontario Museum in Toronto, Ohm’s contagious beat is equal parts understated and unforgettable.

His vinyl-exclusive label ANOMA is dedicated to the distribution of distinctive, minimalistic and organic sounds kissed with a jazzy flair.

His oft-stated goal is to infuse captured sounds and live recordings with groundbreaking sound engineering. The result is an insightful and inquisitive approach to creating sound. You might even call it anomalistic.


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