A relatively short time ago in a galaxy not unlike our own, Ernesto Ferreyra and Guillaume Coutu Dumont found themselves in the land of enchiladas and mezcal discussing who’s features were more statuesque and what a sonic alliance between the two would sound like. Michelada after sweaty michelada, the conclusion as to who was definitely the cooler of the two slipped farther away, but the seed for a partnership had been sown – Chic Miniature had been conceived.

Cut to 2005 and the duo’s first EP, the aptly-titled ‘Conexión Califa’ on Frankfurt’s Raum Musik. It is the first of a streak that would see their music, a special blend of spicy latin and moody, melodic influences –a product, perhaps, of the Montreal-Córdoba connection or a shared love of hot sauce and beer? – released on labels the likes of Musique Risquée (‘Poco-a-Gogo’ EP, 2007) and Crosstown Rebels (‘Escándalo’ EP, 2008).

Years later, Ernesto and Guillaume have travelled the globe and released myriad music on their own, Ferreyra by way of a fruitful relationship with Cadenza, as well as Maybe Tomorrow and Cynosure, while Guillaume & the Coutu Dumonts became a favorite of Circus Company and Oslo. But the hiatus is over and the planets have aligned to see Chic Miniature back in action. The micheladas are still flowing, this time in Berlin, where the two have been preparing the material with which to launch their own record label, set to see the light any moment now…

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